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Topsy Turvy Challenge June 2020: What My Books Are Not

This is a fun way of thinking about my books!

So, in ten words, the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries are NOT:

- Gory

- Scary

- Thrillers

- "Cozy"

- Boring

- Predictable

- Fluffy

- Heavy

- Contemporary

- Slow paced (yes, that takes me to eleven, but this is my challenge so I'm allowed to bend the rules, right?!)

And there we go! If you don't like any of those things in your reads, the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries might just be for you :)

However, what they are is old fashioned murder mysteries set in 1920s England, kind of Agatha Christie style, with a non-spooky paranormal twist. The ghosts, though important, are more like really unreliable witnesses only Lucas can see, which creates some, uh, interesting situations :)

You can find the series so far on Amazon!

And I'll be back on Monday, where I'm sending Lucas and Clara to a different time...


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