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The Phantom Murder: Three Days To Go

Three whole days until The Phantom Murder hits digital bookshelves!!!! And we're past the point of me being able to change anything about it thanks to the Kindle preorder system thingy locking the author out of making any changes three days before launch, so if you can all just keep your fingers crossed that everything is as it should be, that'd be ace, thanks 😘 But anyway. About the book. It is, at its heart, a murder mystery, with ghosts, taking place in a small English village in 1928. So, kinda like if Miss Marple could see dead people. And was a young man of 24 who owned the village newspaper, lived with his mother, longed to move to London to be with his fiance, and hated his "gift". So, not at all like Miss Marple, really, but what can you do? Aaaaanyway, Lucas has a ghostly problem on his hands: the spirit of the local busybody has shown up after nine blissfully peaceful years without her, and is demanding the reluctant psychic solve her murder. Well, she is when she's not telling him what a wicked, Godless heathen he is. Naturally, he's keen to see the back of her, until he realises the suspect list is entirely made up of his friends and neighbours... and his much-loved mother. So, what's a bright young chap like Lucas to do? Solve the murder and get rid of the bossy, nagging, spiteful, gossipy, smug ghost who sends shivers down his spine every time he hears her voice - but send someone he loves to the gallows in the process? Or will he choose to let a killer go free? And, is he putting his own life - and that of the woman he loves - in danger merely by investigating what happened that fateful weekend? You can find out very soon when The Phantom Murder hits digital bookshelves on Friday 😁 Want to be the first to get your hands on a copy? Make sure you preorder your ebook now at (linkybobs in profile if that one isn't working)

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