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The Phantom Murder: Hettie Rathbone

A photograph of an Edwardian mother and don standing together in a doorway, and the book cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti in the bottom right corner, along with the release date of 7th July

Now, I know what you're thinking - how on earth can Lucas possibly suspect his own mother of murder?! Truth be told, he doesn't. Well, not really. Of course he doesn't. But... Buuuuut........ But the thing is, you see, there are things about her he doesn't know - *didn't* know, I should say, and what if that's just the tip of the iceberg? What if her chaining herself to railings as part of the Suffragette movement wasn't the worst thing she did? What if she's done something she'd go to any lengths to conceal? And... and she got sick the weekend Mrs Murphy died, same as all the other people Lucas suspects. Was she collatoral damage as someone tried to cover up their crime, or... Or was she the one covering something up? The thought is unimaginable, but now he's thought it, there's no way Lucas can be free of that suspicion - not until he knows for sure who did kill Mrs Murphy. He really, really hopes it wasn't his mum... but he doesn't want it to be any of the other villagers, either. This could be his toughest case yet... So, was it Hettie? Are Lucas's fears unfounded, or will he have to turn his own mother - the woman who singlehandedly raised him from the age of ten, who has loved him conconditionally and done everything she possibly can for him - will he have to turn her over to the police and let judge and jury decide her fate? Only one way to find out, and that's by reading The Phantom Murder- which you'll be able to do from Friday 7th July 2023! You can pre-order your copy now by going to And if you need to catch up on the series so far (not vital for this book, I should add, but, you know, it's nice to know the whole story, right? 😉), you can find them all here: (Also, how fab is this photo of an Edwardian mother and son?! Not at all how I picture Lucas and Hettie, of course, but what are the chances of finding an image like this at all?)

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