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The Phantom Murder: Two Days To Go

An unsolved mystery in a mystery book? Unthinkable, surely?! Well no, not necessarily. Because the problem with solving mysteries in a small village is that you probably - no, you *definitely* know the culprit, as well as the victim. And right now, Lucas Rathbone is wondering: Did the jolly greengrocer murder Mrs Murphy? Or was it the pub landlords, who offer a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on to anyone who needs it? Or the village vicar? The kindly librarian? The local bobby? The doctor? The newsagents? Or - heaven forbid - Lucas's own mother?! All had motive to kill Mrs Murphy, and quite frankly, Lucas doesn't blame them. Mrs Murphy made the villagers' lives hell, and she's picked up where she left off with the only living person left in Castlebury Magna who can still see her. He's desperate to get rid of her... But he doesn't want to know who did it either, because the consequences will almost certainly be deadly. Is this one mystery better left unsolved? It might just be. Find out what Lucas decides to do in The Phantom Murder, available to pre-order now at ☺️

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