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The Lucas Rathbone

Lucas Rathbone can see dead people - and that's only the start of his problems.

Amid solving murders, the reluctant sleuth must navigate a complicated love life, avoid an untimely death at the hands of killer criminals, and untangle whatever chaos his sweetheart's not-so-secret admirer seems to drag in his wake.

Below are all the titles in the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries so far, along with links. If you just want all the links in a list, Click Here

Main Series
1. The Problem With Dead People.png

Lucas Rathbone sees dead people.

And they want him to solve their murders.

He wishes they didn’t, though.

He’s perfectly happy with his dead-end newspaper job in a dead-end village in a dead-end part of England at the end of the Roaring Twenties, which have mostly passed him and his dead-end life by.

Then, Lucas made a split-second decision that may see him and the girl he adores land on mortuary slabs.

And though that moment of testosterone-fuelled insanity impressed Clara Jenkins right into his arms, and his stagnant existence finally has the vital vim and vigour it’s been lacking, getting his name on a hit list was never on the plan.

After all, he’s supposed to help spirits find justice, not join them in death.

2. Sins of the Father.png

Vengeance is sought.

Rorgiveness was never an option.

And the sins of the father will be atoned for...

Lucas Rathbone is desperate.

He must be, to put his trust - and the life of the woman he loves - into the hands of a man with no known morals and a taste for walking in life's shadows.

Because despite his criminal connections and questionable ethics, Tommy Kilbourne is the only one who can help find her.

Leaving Lucas no choice.

But nothing is as it seems, and now the psychic sleuth must scramble to not only save Clara's life, but that of a man who deserves no mercy.

Time is running out - and this avenging angel will be pitiless.

3. Grave Secrets.png

Can a life be mended when it was shattered by a lie?

Tommy Kilbourne is missing, presumed...

Well, Lucas Rathbone has no idea, actually, and the latest ghost to demand the reluctant psychic's help suggests his missing frenemy has done something criminally — and potentially fatally — stupid this time.

As Tommy lacks any other friends, it's up to Lucas and fiancée Clara to find the wretched man before either the police or a vengeful gang do. Neither would let the silly devil live to see Christmas, which would only upset Clara and Lucas couldn't stand that.

That and he's almost starting to like the fellow these days. Almost.

All right, so maybe Kilbourne isn't as bad as Lucas first thought, and the spirits giving him a heartbreaking insight into the man's fractured soul are perhaps, perhaps helping him see why Tommy is the way he is...

But that won't matter if they can't find him in time, will it?

4. The Ghost Who Wasn't Dead.png

Finding a ghost on the doorstep isn't exactly unusual for Lucas Rathbone.

Except this one is very much alive - and has brought the young man's world tumbling down.

But before he can catch his breath, Lucas receives another piece of shattering news.

To help bridge the gap between him and this "ghost" from his past, the stern but loving spirit who mentors his unwilling psychic career asks Lucas to do what he does best: solve a murder.


But solving this decades-old mystery will take her away from him... forever.

5. Phantom Murder.png

Sleepy English villages are so quaint... but close-knit communities breed tensions.

Nine years ago, in March 1919, those tensions spilled over in Castlebury Magna.

And a woman died.

Now her ghost is back, and making local resident and reluctant psychic Lucas Rathbone's life hell.

But the only way to get justice for her is to send one of his neighbours to the gallows.

Faced with a list of suspects that includes his own mother, this is one mystery Lucas would rather leave unsolved...

An ancient curse burnt into a dead man's skin.

An impossible snakebite.

And a local newspaper reporter who really wishes he couldn't see ghosts...

Lucas, Clara, and Tommy are on on an all-expenses paid trip to the opening of the infamous Professor Adams's latest Ancient Egyptian exhibition.

The crowd is suspiciously small, but the champagne is flowing and, despite the appearance of a three-thousand-year-old spirit, a rather tipsy Lucas is actually enjoying himself.

Until a much fresher spook appears before his very eyes, and whether it's an ancient curse or a modern murder, Lucas and co find themselves dragged into the investigation...

FF 3D Mockups.png

Deck the halls with boughs of murder...

All Lucas Rathbone wants for Christmas is a quiet celebration with the people he loves.

What he gets is a riotous party with strangers, a hangover, and a mystery to solve.

And when the spirit of the victim begs for his help, it's clear he'll get no peace or goodwill until the killer is caught.

Can he wrap up this festive mystery?

Or, will the most wonderful time of the year end with another tragedy ?

Box Sets (ebook only)
Box Set 1 eBook Cover.png

#1: The Problem With Dead People

#2: Sins of the Father

#3: Grave Secrets

Novellas & Short Stories

A prequel to the main series.

It's Clara's 21st birthday, but half her party guests are ill.

But a ghostly friend tells Lucas something more deadly than the 'flu is going around...

And now, Clara is sick, too.

An exclusive art exhibition goes tragically wrong when the infamous artist's husband drops dead.

But was he the intended victim?

Or are the blood-read threats marring the artwork more than idle talk?

Seeing a ghostly bride at a Halloween party isn't that unusual...

Except this one is the real deal, and tells Lucas a tale of heartbreak.

But nothing is as it seems, and it's up to Lucas to solve the mystery and reunite two lost souls.

A blackmail letter demanding hundreds of times the amount shoved under his mattress threatens his first real, honest-to-goodness romance.


With no hope of paying the unknown blackmailer, he reluctantly turns to his friends Clara and Lucas for help.

A painting in the wrong place.

A bitter ghost who feels she was wronged.

And secrets that could destroy the reputation of the beloved local pub landlord.

Lucas doesn't believe in these new-fangled horoscope things...

So when they seem to start coming true, he's keen to find out what's causing his day to go mysteriously awry.

Very Castlebury Christmas Cover 2.png

For the first Christmas ever, orphaned city boy Tommy Kilbourne has people who care about him, and his friends Lucas Rathbone and Clara Jenkins are determined to show him the true meaning of the festive season.

A Lucas Rathbone/Raven Xerces crossover.

A strange man is wandering around Castlebury, looking for Baby Hitler. 

Lucas and Clara must work out who is is, and how he's here, before one of the most innocent villagers meets an untimely end.

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