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Topsy Turvy Challenge June 2020: Opposite Genre

‘Would you stop doing that?’ said Lucas peevishly, putting out flamed on the hem of his robe for the umpteenth time.

‘Sorry,’ said Clara with a giggle. ‘I’m not used to my new witchy powers yet.’

And yet she seems able to fix what she burns, thought Lucas, as Clara made complicated gestures with her hand and his robe healed itself again.

He decided it wasn’t worth the argument, and instead turned his attention to the jet-black cat winding itself around his ankles.

‘And who’s this?’ he cooed, scratching the animal behind the ear. ‘Hello, Cat. Aren’t you lovely?’

The cat purred loudly.

Clara scrunched her nose up. ‘My familiar, apparently. Cats are traditional, according to Saffron, but I’d rather have a dog.’

The cat wandered back to her and leapt onto her shoulder, curling around Clara’s neck like a scarf.

Clara rolled her eyes, but couldn’t quite hide her smile. ‘I guess this one isn’t so bad, though.’

‘Hey Saff, do wizards get familiars too?’ asked Lucas hopefully.

Not usually. Sorry.

‘Oh,’ he said, looking utterly crestfallen.

Urgh, don’t look at me like that.

Seriously, stop it.

Oh okay, what would you like?

‘Wait, you’re giving me a choice?’ he said excitedly. ‘Hmm, how about… a dragon?’

‘A dragon!’ said Clara. ‘Wouldn’t that be dangerous?’

‘Not if it was a small one,’ he argued. ‘How about it, Saff? Can I have a dragon please?’

A dragon no bigger than Clara’s cat appeared at Lucas’s feet.

‘Thank you,’ he cried happily, scooping it into his arms.

‘Why do you two get pets?’ asked Tommy, joining them in the forest clearing. Sunlight glinted off the curls falling to his shoulders in a golden wave, interrupted only by a pair of elfish ears poking through.

The mere sight of the man—er, elf, made Lucas itch.

‘They’re not pets, they’re familiars,’ said Clara. ‘Just for witches.’

‘And wizards,’ added Lucas.

The baby dragon in his arms growled at Tommy. Lucas liked it more by the second.

‘Humph,’ said the elf, reaching a hand towards the dragon. ‘It’s all right for some.’

The dragon hiccoughed, spraying embers at Tommy. One landed in his hair, setting it ablaze.

Clara summoned a small waterfall’s worth of water to put it out, leaving the elf smouldering, drenched, and furious.

‘Sorry,’ said Lucas, trying to sound like he meant it. ‘He’s not trained yet.’


Hmm, perhaps Fantasy is a bit dangerous. Better stick with murder...

Catch you on Friday, folks! Love, Saff x

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