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Topsy Turvy Challenge June 2020: Lucas the Villain

Uh... Hello. Saffron here.

I kinda have a problem with this prompt, so no little story I'm afraid.

You see, technically Lucas is my MC (his name is on the cover, after all, as he so sweetly reminded me when I accidentally killed him) so I thought about it as though he were the villain, especially as he has certain interesting skills Clara doesn't.

Also if she were the villain she's be hurting Lucas, which she'd never do, so she couldn't be the bad guy, which means he's flying solo for today's prompt.

You've met Lucas, right? Sweet but a bit grumpy, adores Clara, talks to ghosts but only so he can get rid of them?

Well, I figure the way he could use his "gift" in a villainy way is to make sure those he loved could never leave him.

Because they'd be ghosts, right?

And Clara doesn't want to move from London back to Castlebury Magna.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.


Look, I can't make Lucas kill Clara, even in a topsy-turvyed world.

I just can't.

It would never happen.

It'd break him, even if he did it for the "right" reason. (She'd think it was hilarious to be a ghost though, so long as she never found out Lucas killed her. If she did, she'd make his life hell forever. Quite literally forever.)

So that's what would happen, but I'm not going to write it, okay? Okay. I'll get back to the challenge properly on Wednesday, when the threat of killing my main characters has passed :)

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