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"This Book Is An Absolute Gem" and other feedback for The Phantom Murder

So, I'm incredibly lucky to have a small group of people willing to test read my books pre-publication and give feedback on them, and I really can't thank them enough for their help and support

Especially when they send back comments like these!

Image shows the cover for The Phantom Murder, plus quotes from beta readers including "The opening is excellent", "It's lines like these that are so signature Saffron and I just eat them up!" and "This book is an absolute gem"

Of course, not all of it is as wonderfully, amazingly, unexpectedly positive as this (I'm fixing some justifiably raised issues at the moment!) but lovely feedback like this helps ease some of the pre-publishing worries

It also means I get to share posts like this and not feel like I'm not just singing my own praises, which is basically a cardinal sin in Britain

If you want to see if The Phantom Murder lives up to these comment, you can pre-order your copy now for delivery to your Kindle on 7th July, when it officially launches :)


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