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The Phantom Murder: Mr Kingsley

A selection of fruit and vegetables at a greengrocer's shop, with the book cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti in the bottom right corner, along with the release date of 7th July

Mr Kingsley loves his greengrocer's shop, his canary, and his daughter, Jane.

He also loves his late wife, Mary - but Mary did something she wasn't proud of, and Mr Kingsley promised to take her secret to his grave.

So when Mrs Murphy threatened to reveal all, Mr Kingsley did whatever it took to keep her mouth shut.

But how far did he have to go to secure her silence?

Was paying the blackmail demand enough, or did he choose to solve the problem... permanently?

Find out in less than a week (!!!) when The Phantom Murder hits digital shelves

Not preordered your copy yet? You can do so now at and it'll be delivered bright and early on launch day

(And if you need to catch up with the series so far, you can find the first four books here:

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