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The Phantom Murder: Mr & Mrs Friedman

Image shows someone pulling a pint of beer, with the book cover for The Phantom Murder in the bottom right corner, along with the release date of 7th July

Annie and Ollie Friedman have been the landlords of The Brewer's Thumb for as long as Lucas can remember.

Always there to greet the regulars with a smile and their favourite drink sat on the bar before they've even hung up their hat and coat.

But behind their sunny dispositions lies a dark secret - one that was discovered many years previously by a certain Mrs Charity Murphy.

Then, Mrs Murphy died, and Mr and Mrs Friedman could relax again, certain the secret in Annie's past would stay there.

But will it?

And did she add murder to her transgression in an attempt to keep her secret?

Find out in The Phantom Murder, available to preorder now at


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