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The Phantom Murder: D.I. Wilberforce Jones

A Victorian style policeman riding a bicycle, with the book cover for The Phantom Murder alongside the release date of 7th July

Oh dear. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't even trust the village bobby, isn't it?

(Also, kindly ignore the fact this is clearly a policeman riding through Egypt or India or somewhere similarly hot and illegally colonised, and not a green and pleasant English village. It was the closest in era I could find on the stock image site I use)

But the thing is, Lucas Rathbone knows D.I. WIlberforce Jones has secrets he doesn't want the rest of the village knowing about.

Secrets from his youth which would seriously undermine his position of authority and respect in the village that accepted him as he was fleeing his old, dangerous life.

Did Mrs Murphy find out what Will Jones is hiding?

And is that why she had to die?

Not long now until you can find out - but be sure of getting your copy on release by preording The Phantom Murder now

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