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Spooktacular Stories Day 8

‘Why are we in the attic?' said Lucas, brushing cobwebs from his hair.

'Shh,' said Clara, putting her hand over his mouth. 'He's outside.'


'The Castlebury Killer.'

Lucas pushed her hand away, but kept his voice low.

'The what?'

'For saying you run the local newspaper, you’re awful at keeping up with local affairs.'

He started to argue, but Clara cut over him.

'Someone is slaughtering people. Eight so far. My money was on the butcher, but they found his body this morning.'

'How awful,' said Lucas.

'Yes,' agreed Clara. 'I owe your mum two bob. I wonder if they'll ever find his head?'

Lucas shuddered. 'And you think this killer is outside my mother's attic door?'

She nodded, which wasn't the response he wanted.

'What shall we do?' he asked, panicking. 'Climb out the window?'

'Or we could fight back,’ said Clara.

'And die trying.'

'Maybe,' said Clara. 'Or maybe not. Even if we did escape, what'd stop him from trying again?'

'I hate when you make sense.'

'I know,' she said, pecking him on the cheek. 'So take this and be ready to use it.'

'Why has my mum got a scimitar in the loft!?'

'How should I know?' asked Clara, wielding a cutlass.

Assuming they got out alive, Lucas had some questions for his mother.

'She had this, too,' she added, cocking an ancient pistol.

Lucas hit the decks, hands over his head.

Clara rolled her eyes. 'Don't be daft. It's not loaded.'


'I’ll hit him with it.'

The shuffling behind the door got closer.

The doorhandle twitched.

'Is that dried blood?' said Lucas, examining his blade.

'Shh,' said Clara. 'Ready?'

Lucas gulped. 'Ready,' he lied.

Clara flung open the door, sword held aloft, gun pointed at head hight.

'Goodness!' exclaimed Mrs Rathbone, holding her hands up. 'What’s all this?'

'Mum!' cried Lucas, dropping his sword and hugging her. 'We thought you were the Castlebury Killer.'

'What a silly idea,' she laughed, patting his back. 'Now, stop messing about and go downstairs.'

Mrs Rathbone let them leave, and sighed as she picked up the scimitar.

She hoped it wouldn't come to this - but now they knew, what choice was there…?


Uh-oh, I hope I don't need to find some new characters...

Oh wait, Lucas and Clara are back again tomorrow for more spooky nonsense. Phew!

Saff x

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