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Spooktacular Stories Day 11

‘I really don't think paper chains on a gravestone is in good taste,' said Lucas, lifting them distastefully. 'Even if they are black and grey.

'Don't be silly,' said Clara, pushing a jug of something red and gloopy into his hands. 'Make yourself useful and put this on the table, will you?’

'What is it?' he asked, looking into the depths. His wizard hat slipped down an inch or two.

'Bloody Mary,' she said. 'Put it next to the devilled eggs and witches finger cheese straws.’

'Wait,' said Lucas. 'You're not throwing a party are you?’

‘Of course.’

‘In a cemetery?'

'Why not?' replied Clara, bustling around in her new and rather fetching chintz witch outfit. 'There's plenty of space, the night is going to be clear, and it's the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween party.'

'But there's graves,' protested Lucas. 'And dead people.'

'You'd know all about them,' teased Clara, handing him a bowl of green jelly. 'Worried about ghosties, are you?'

'No,' he said, putting it next to the jug of Bloody Mary. 'They don't tend to stick around cemeteries.'

'Really?' said Clara. 'I thought they needed to be near their body, or something.'

'Would you want to do that?’ Lucas said. ‘Spend eternity in this place, when there's really no need?'

Clara looked around the grey and green landscape.

Peaceful, of course, but not exactly thrilling.

'I see your point,' she said.

'Who'd want to come to a party in a graveyard, anyway?' said Lucas, picking up a salmon paste sandwich.

'Everyone,' said Clara, snatching it out of his hand and putting back on the plate. 'The whole village is turning out.'

Lucas groaned. 'Can I go home now, please? I hate parties.'

'No,' she said. 'We're hosting.'

'I don't want to host a party,' he whined. 'Certainly not in a graveyard.'

'Tough,' she said. 'Everyone’s arriving now, so look smart and put on your happy face.'

Lucas forced a grin.

It was really quite horrifying.

'On second thoughts,' said Clara, grabbing a glass and filling it with the first alcoholic thing she could find. 'Why don't you go sit somewhere quiet and drink this?'

'If you insist,' he said, brightening instantly. 'Cheers.'


I really hope that Bloody Mary was the regular kind, but this month? I wouldn't bet on it...

Anyway, it's a Halloween Carol tomorrow, so come back then for more spooky silliness :)

Love, Saff x


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