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Spooktacular Day 4

‘Look what I found at the pond,' said Clara, running up to Lucas holding something bundled in a scarf.

Fear gripped Lucas’ heart.

Last time Clara found something during one of these challenges, they ended up with a dinosaur. True, Dale had grown on Lucas, but he needed walking every day and ate socks when no one was looking.

Lucas peered into the soft folds, hoping for a puppy or kitten, but not expecting something so normal.

For once, his pessimism was well placed.

'Er,' he said, looking at what, unless his eyes deceived him, was a large purple squid. 'What's that?'

'This is Bob,' she said fondly. 'He’s some kind of duck.'

Lucas was speechless.

'A duck?' he said at last. 'A duck?! You have seen a duck before, right? Do they normally have tentacles and a beak?'

'They normally have beaks, yes,' said Clara defensively. 'And there’s all sorts of funny birds this time of year. He was playing with the other ducks, splashing them and dunking them under water. They were all having a lovely time until the others flew off and left Bob all alone.' She tickled the creature under what might its chin and cooed at it.

It made a purring noise in return, and gave every impression of enjoying itself.

'There's a reason they did that,' said Lucas.

'Don't be mean,' scolded Clara. 'Just because Bob looks different doesn't mean he should be left behind.'

'He should be left in the pond, though,' said Lucas. 'He won't like being in a house. Uh, ducks need to swim, after all.'

‘I'll fill the tin bath,' said Clara. 'He'll love it.'

Lucas weighed up his chances of not taking home what, given the way the month was going, was probably a baby kraken.

He tried anyway.

'The tin bath isn’t big enough,' he said.

'Of course it is.'

'What will it eat?'

'Slugs, I suppose.'

'Who will look after it whilst you're at work?'

'Mum will help out. She's been saying for ages I need a pet, and I think she's quite right.'

Lucas rubbed his forehead. 'Is there any way I can persuade you not to take this thing home?'

'None whatsoever.'

He sighed, and held out his hands for the bundle. 'Nice to meet you, Bob,' he said, as the purring thing was placed into his arms. 'I hope.'


Ah well, at least he tried.

More spooky shenanigans tomorrow!


Saff x


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