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Sins of the Father: A Brief Overview

Hey! Thanks for coming back for the second of my catchup/overview posts about my books :) Today we're on to book 2, which my resident rogue Tommy Kilbourne managed to hijack - but more about him later.

With a title like Sins of the Father, you can probably guess that this book deals with some family issues.

Not Lucas's family though.

We'll save that for another time.

But someday soon, Satan, someday soon...

Anyway, as I said at the top of this post, Tommy Kilbourne takes the lead on this book.

But I didn't tell you much about the boy in my previous overview, so let's fix that.

Tommy grew up in an orphanage, which wasn't so unusual in the early 20th century - but his story isn't so simple.

That's be too easy, right?

Because what he's always been told about his history was a lie. He's found out the truth about his parents - and is out for revenge. He doesn't care who he hurts in the process, only that the justice is finally served.

Yeah, it doesn't sound like this is gonna end well, does it?

Now, it's up to Lucas to prevent the murder of a man who surely deserves death - but that's easier said than done, when London is a rabbit warren and he hasn't the first idea where to start looking...

Ooh, tense! Fancy a peek at the blurb? Of course you do :)


Tommy Kilbourne is a rouge, a scoundrel, a cad, completely untrustworthy, and has been trying to steal Lucas Rathbone’s girlfriend for years. Unfortunately, he’s also the only person who might know where she’s gone. Out of options and against his better judgement, Lucas enlists the help of this black sheep – and falls straight into a trap set for someone else. Because Tommy has been scheming and will stop at nothing to avenge his blighted his life. Now, Lucas must use all his wits to not only save the life of the woman he loves, but also that of a man who doesn’t deserve mercy. The sins of the father cast long shadows across the life of his son… But penance could prove fatal. And time is running out.

Pick up your copy now to find out whether Lucas can overcome his misgivings, prevent a murder, and live to tell the tale.


Okie doke, that's two book overviews down, and one to go tomorrow! Come back then for a spoiler-free peek at the third book in the series.

Thanks for reading! Catch you later

Love, Saff xx

(And again, my spologies to the rest of the world. One day, I will be technologically adept enough to put smart links into stuff - but today is not that day, I'm afraid)

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