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Release Date Reveal - The Phantom Murder: Lucas Rathbone Mysteries Book 5

Drumroll, please!

The Phantom Murder will be released on...

Friday, 7th July 2023

Image shows the book cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti. Text reads: Mrs Murphy traded in secrets - and knows that's why she was killed. But Lucas Rathbone knows this mystery might be better left unsolved... Because the suspect list includes his own mother. Coming 7th July 2023 to Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and as Paperback

Nine years ago, on March 15th 1919, Mrs Murphy died.

Now she's back in the sleepy English village of Castlebury Magna, demanding reluctant psychic Lucas Rathbone solve her murder.

Unfortunately, the suspect list is full of the names of people he's known and loved since childhood.

Mr Kingsley, the greengrocer.

Mr Hawthorn, the librarian.

Mr and Mrs Featherstone, the newsagents.

D.I. Wilberforce Jones (who, admittedly, Lucas doesn't care much for, but he'd still rather not see the fellow hang for the murder of a woman no one missed)

Reverend Robin Deveraux

Mr and Mrs Friedman, the pub landlords

And, worst of all, Hettie Rathbone, Lucas's own mother, who has more secrets than her son could possibly imagine.

Lucas faces an impossible decision:

Solve the murder and send someone he cares about to the gallows

Or live with the judgemental, manipulatige, bossy, rude, downright awful Mrs Murphy houding him for the rest of his life, acting all holier-than-thou and calling him a godless heathen because he talks to dead people - like he has any choice in the matter.

(For the record, Lucas maintains dead people talk to *him*, not the other way around, and it's really only polite to talk back)

So, what will he choose? I'm not going to tell you, obviously, because spoilers, but you can find out for yourself on 7th July.

Preorder is now LIVE and with a special preorder price, so what are you waiting for?! Head over to your local Amazon store and preorder the next installment of The Lucas Rathbone Mysteries now :)

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