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Promotion Personal Challege: I (sort of) Quit

You ever start something that seems like a really good idea, only to find it really isn't?

Yeah. That's where I'm at with this.

I made it a week, so it's not a total failure, and I have a whole load of other posts planned, but honestly? It's taking far more time than I expected to keep to the daily posting schedule, and it's taking me away from the things I really should be doing.

Like editing book 4 and writing book 5, and spending time tinkering with my keywords and metadata and all those other fun things you don't realise are part of being an indie author until it's too late.

And as much as I'm enjoying writing these posts about The Problem With Dead People, and it's good to think about all the different ways to tell you about the book and the characters and so on, the other things are, well, more important in the long run.

So whilst I fully intend on carrying on this series of posts, I'm going to curb my enthusiasm and actually stick to a once-a-week blogging schedule.

And even that won't be all about me and my books, because I have some really fun interviews planned with other authors, and I'll probably do some more behind the scenes stuff if there's anything interesting going on. Maybe share some sneak previews of upcoming books, do cover reveals, that kind of thing.

I don't exactly know what will end up on this blog, but I'm very good at working too hard, and often on the wrong thing. I need to work less hard, and only on the right things!

Which probably doesn't include daily posts about one book for a whole month.

So, whilst I hate to publicly commit to something and give up partway through, sometimes, you just need to know when to quit.

And this is that point for this personal challenge.

I'm going to focus on quality posts, not quantity, and, more importantly, focus on writing new books.

Because that's what you really want, isn't it?

Thanks for sticking with me through Turbo Promo Week, and I'll be back sometime with something different :) Make sure you sign up for email notifications on the main blog page so you don't miss them!

Love, Saff xx

P.S. I do have a month's worth of daily posts planned for October, but I wrote all that a couple of years ago. It's 31 days of very short, Halloween-themed stories based on a set of prompts. I had a lot of fun writing them, and I think you'll enjoy reading them. But after that, it's going to be more of a once-a-week affair again, I promise!!!

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