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Grave Secrets: A Brief Overview

Hey hey! How's it going?

Well, today is the last of the three books I'm giving a brief overview of as part of this series of posts, so I hope you're ready...

Alrighty then, let's get this show on the road.

Grave Secrets follows straight on from there Sins of the Father leaves off, with two ghosts appearing in Lucas's office demanding his help.

For various, spoiler-related reasons, I'll not be telling you who, but just know it's something I've had more than a few people say:

What can I say? I know how to throw a twist in there.

That and I originally planned a different ending to that book...

So I guess I didn't see it coming, either.

But, not everything is as it seems (when is it ever?!) and you're going to find out even more about Tommy Kilbourne's tragic history.

Oh, you thought I couldn't do worse than in Sins of the Father? Think again, my friend.

That comes later on in the book, though, because right at the start, Mr Kilbourne has done a vanishing act (he's good at those) and, naturally, Lucas and Clara are pretty concerned for his well-being.

You know, what with Tommy being hunted by both the police and a gang of angry criminals and all that.

But it's okay, because he's lying low with a... friend.

Well, perhaps she's a little *more* than a friend, if you catch my drift.

And if you don't, you probably haven't met my resident roguish playboy yet - but either way, you'll find out a lot more about her throughout the book, too.

Hmm, it's kinda hard to do these summaries without giving spoilers away, isn't it?

Okay, well, very very briefly, Tommy is in trouble (again) and it's up to Lucas and Clara to save his skin (again) because he's trusted the wrong people (again) and is going to get his heart broken (um... again, but in a different way).

Some people just never learn, I guess - although, he's making new mistakes, which is something, I suppose.

He's doing better than Patrick, I guess

But there's lots of family secrets to be unveiled, betrayals to be unravelled, decisions to be made, and relationships to be renegotiated - including the slightly grey area of Tommy's feelings for Clara, so if you're hear for the angst, this is totally the book for you.

Oh, and Tommy smacks Lucas in the nose, which at least one of them enjoyed.

Juuuust kidding, he felt pretty bad about that - not that Lucas believes him, of course, but when's he ever believed anything Tommy said?!

Tommy would probably do a lot better if he didn't believe everything people told him too, but that wouldn't be nearly so interesting to read.

Hmm. He's surprisingly trusting for someone who has never had anyone tell him the truth in his entire life. Sweet, I guess, but not great on the old "staying alive" front.

No, not that kind of stayin' alive

Because oh boy, does that kid need to stop trusting people quite as much as he does - including himself, as he's clearly no good at making decisions.

It's a good thing he has people looking out for him, otherwise he'd be toast.

But just in case you think I'm unduly picking on Tommy - ignore the tears, he loves the attention really - right at the very, very end (as in, everything is wrapped up and I'm leading into the next book), I drop a bombshell right on Lucas that shatters everything he thought he knew.

See? I'm picking on allllll of them.

And if I thought a "brief, spoiler-free summary of Grave Secrets was tough, I'm going to have it even tougher for The Ghost Who Wasn't Dead.

Oh well, that's a problem for Future Saffron, because I'm signing off, and will be back again in couple of days with a character profile of my main man, Lucas Rathbone - who, as previously mentioned, is back in the spotlight in the upcoming book.

He's thrilled, as I'm sure you can imagine

But before I go, here's the blurb for Grave Secrets:


Loose-moralled playboy Tommy Kilbourne is in trouble - again - and it's up to reluctant psychic sleuth Lucas Rathbone and his far more enthusiastic fiancée Clara Jenkins to keep the dratted man alive.


But that's quite hard when they don't know where he is.

And they're not the only ones looking for him.

Not everyone is who they claim to be, though, and the safe arms Tommy has been taking comfort in might not be as trustworthy as he thought.

She's not the only one with something to hide, and secrets taken to the grave may have fatal consequeces.

Can they find Tommy before it's too late? Or will Lucas have another ghost begging for help?


No post tomorrow, as I'll be sending my monthly newsletter (not on the list yet? Sign up here and get some printable goodies as a bonus) but as I said earlier, I'll be back on Saturday - so I'll catch you then :)

Love, Saff xx

P.S. Want to catch up on the books properly? Yeah you do. Pick up the box set here

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