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Coming Soon: The Phantom Murder (Lucas Rathbone Mysteries Book 5)

Today is the first of my mini series of mini posts about my upcoming book, The Phantom Murder, and I'm starting off with a little teaser based around the setting.

A row of quaint houses in an English village with the book cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti in the corner of the image, with the words Coming Soon

Suspicions of murder lurk behind the doors of Castlebury Magna's neat houses.

Sleepy English villages are so quaint... but close-knit communities can breed tensions.

Nine years ago, in March 1919, those tensions spilled over.

And a woman died.

Now she's back, and making Lucas Rathbone's life hell.

But the only way to get justice for her is to send one of his neighbours to the gallows.

Faced with a list of suspects that includes his own mother, this is one mystery the reluctant psychic would rather not solve...

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