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Character Profile: Tommy Kilbourne

Now, I can't tell you quite so much about Tommy as the other two, because there's a lot of spoilery things in there and I don't want to ruin anything for anyone.

However, I will tell you that what you see isn't necessarily what you get with this boy. On the surface, he's a playboy, a charmer, an angry young man, a flirt, slightly dangerous, and - well, a bit of a bad boy, really.

But hurt people hurt people, and this is very much true in Tommy's case.

He grew up in an orphanage, which is no picnic at any time but in 1920s England, it really wasn't nice. Siblings were often split up by gender and age group, the dorms were large and draughty, food wasn't exactly varied and nutritious, and schooling minimal. And corporal punishment? You bet. Whilst perhps it wasn't quite to the level of Oliver Twist, it certainly wasn't a loving environment either, and Tommy is a product of that environment.

He wasn't about to accept his fate, though, so worked hard to better himself, learning to touch type at the public library and learning the journalist trade as he went, by following around reporters. He also reads a lot and widely, and took lessons to lose his "common" accent, so he speaks rather more nicely than when he was a child. In fact, unless he told you (which he probably wouldn't becuase he doesn't trust anyone with anything personal), you wouldn't realise he had a tough start in life at all.

Perhaps I'm not being fair to the boy when I say he doesn't trust anyone. It's true he doesn't trust many people, and that you'll likely get a pack of lies back if you interrogate him, but there is one exception to this.

Clara Jenkins.

Originally, I put Tommy into the series to make Lucas jealous, which is why they're very similar in terms of appearance and, in some ways, personality. Lucas and Tommy are kinda the same character with different upbringing, just because I thought that'd be fun.

Oh, and because it'd make Lucas SUPER paranoid and jealous if he thought Clara was hanging out with someone she could very well be interested in (did I mention that Lucas doubts himself a lot? Because... he kinda does. Then again, so does Tommy, though that probably doesn't surprise you.)

And though Clara isn't interested romantically in Tommy (despite his best efforts) she is the only girl he's ever really developed strong feelings for. In fact, it was love at first sight, and though they may have traded a couple of kisses over the years (but don't tell Lucas!), she's made it perfectly clear to Tommy that her heart belongs to someone else.

He just can't give her up, though, especially as she's one of the few people to have never given up on Tommy - though she does frequently try to correct his ways, and he tries so hard to make her proud of him.

He falls off that wagon on a regular basis, though, and ends up trying to drown his demons in whiskey and women - which never helps for long, but a little respite from the despair that so often consumes Tommy seems necessary.

Why does he despair so much? Well, you'll just have to read the books to find out ;)

Uh, yeah. Obviously.

Though Tommy wants more from his relationship with Clara, she almost sees him as her younger brother, despite him being six years her senior. She's constantly trying to guide his steps in a more respectable direction, sticking up for him when other people write him off as bad news, and being an emotional support when he needs it - which is oftn.

He's content enough with this level of affection, however, simply because it's better than nothing - and she'll come to her senses and leave that Rathbone chap sometime, right?


Which basically means that, however jealous Lucas is of Tommy, Tommy is a million more times jealous of Lucas.

But, if they ever get over that, there's a good chance they'll be friends for life.

Tommy is a conformed athiest and believes there's nothing but oblivion on the other side of death. At least, he kinda hopes not, as he struggles enough with life as it is, and the thought of having to live (or at least, exist) with himself for eternity is not a pleasant one.

This, of course, means that he doesn't believe in ghosts either, so that's going to be a fun conversation with Lucas.

Tommy is a pretty complicated charcter - not bad for someone I made up on a whim - and has become rather a fan favourite, and for good reason. He's a bad boy with a good heart, he's witty, sneaky, surprisingly sweet at times...

Oh, and he's really really ridiculously good looking. That probably doesn't hurt his case.

Tommy looks like Will Tudor in my head. Sorry, Lucas

It'd be good if he had more friends, though, but as I say, he doesn't let people into his heart easily. Maybe one day, he and Lucas will bury the hatchet and realise just how much they actually have in common...?

That is most certainly a thing for another day, though, and tomorrow, we're making a start on looking at a few side characters that are important in The Ghost Who Wasn't Dead, so come back then for a closer look at Lucas's favourite restless spirit, Mrs Bird.

See you then!

Love, Saff xx

P.S. We tackle Tommy's story in Sins of the Father and Grave Secrets, if you want to find out more about this troubled young man. He really is a sweetheart though, and very much surprised me by how important he's become to the series.

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