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A Mystery of Roses: The Phantom Murder (Lucas Rathbone Mysteries Book 5)

An image of a pink rose with the cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti in the bottom right corner, along with the words Coming Soon

What would you do if you found a bouquet of roses on your doorstep, claiming to be from someone you knew couldn't have sent them?

Especially if you found them on the day you're supposed to die.

Would you assume they were a unexpected gift and take them into your home?

Would you ask someone else to move them?

Or, would you simply get rid of them?

That's the problem faced by Mrs Murphy, who chose the final option - and it was the last thing she ever did.

But how did she die?

Who sent the flowers?

And why?

Find out in The Phantom Murder, coming soon to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited #mysteryreaders #mysteryreads #comingsoon #amreadingmystery #historicalmystery #paranormalmystery

P.S. Haven't read books 1-4 yet? Check out the series so far right here

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