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Free Book - A Fuhrer-ious Raven

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A Führer-ious Raven

by Saffron Amatti & Jennifer Brasington-Crowley

Lucas thought ghosts were trouble enough - but that was before he met Raven Xerces.


The oddly dressed, oddly spoken, odd-all-over man is obsessed with cocaine, swears like the sailor Clara insists he must be, and causes havoc wherever he goes.


Lucas can’t wait to see the back of him.


But when it seems Raven is visiting for more than just the scenery and peace of sleepy Castlebury Magna, Lucas and Clara must stop the interloper’s plans before one of the most innocent members of their little community meets an untimely end.


Get ready for culture clashes, misunderstandings, nosy ghosts, an apple that doesn’t work, swearing (lots), flirting (more than Lucas would like), ugly babies, and enough laugh out loud moments to have the tears rolling down your cheeks.

Uh... What's all this about, then?

I hear you ask.

Well, my friend and writing buddy, Jennifer Brasington-Crowley, suggested a crossover story between her modern day sweary, hard-drinking, tatted up Disney Princess rockstar Raven Xerces, and my 1920s grumpy, straight-laced, reluctantly psychic amateur sleuth Lucas.

So naturally, I said yes.

What could possibly go wrong?!

As it happens, not a lot. We had a brilliant time writing this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

I should say this this story won't be to everyone's taste and is very, very different to the other Lucas Rathbone stories, so if you're offended by:

  • bad language

  • drug references

  • sexual references

  • or the idea of killing Baby Hitler

this might not be the story for you.

But if you're not offended by bad language, drug references, sexual references, or the idea of killing Baby Hitler, you might just enjoy it. I literally laughed so hard I cried whilst writing this, and Jennifer tells me she did the same.

So at the very least, we make ourselves laugh, which is better than nothing.

Oh, and I enjoyed having Raven over to play so much, he's (with permission from Jennifer) become a permanent member of the cast!


Sort of, anyway, because he's actually getting a much better behaved alternative life as the vicar in Castlebury Magna, and starts showing up from book four buuut, if you want to meet the inspiration for the Reverand Devereaux, here's where it all began :)

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