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Lucas's problem with dead people might be fatal...
The Problem With Dead People Cover Ebook v3.png

The problem with dead people is that sometimes, they just can't let their problems go.

That's where Lucas Rathbone comes in... Unfortunately.


Usually, the spirits he wishes he couldn't see aren't so bad - but usually, they're not claiming to have been murdered by the gang of cut-throat criminals who have been terrorising London for decades.

He should walk away...

But there's this girl, see, and things haven't always been smooth sailing between them, and - well, he thinks doing something dangerous might impress her.


Not the best decision he's ever made, especially now both he and the woman he adores are now on the gang's hit list.

But everyone has their problems, don't they?


Although this time, Lucas's problem with dead people might just get him killed...

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