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Something more deadly than 'flu is going around...
Delicious But Deadly New with skull.png

Lucas Rathbone can talk to ghosts.


Sadly, he can't talk to girls - at least, not the one girl he really wants to.


Well, that's not quite true. Clara has been his best friend for years, but the words he says to her as easily as breathing aren't the ones making his heart ache.


Those words tangle his tongue and refuse to be spoken.


But Lucas is determined to celebrate Clara's 21st birthday with her, even if he can't tell her his true feelings and a 'flu outbreak in their village has decimated her guest list - and claimed the life of the baker's wife.


Then Lucas recieves information from a ghostly pal which suggests something more deadly than 'flu is going around...

And now Clara is sick.


Can Lucas solve the mystery and save the woman he loves, or will his longed-for romance end in tragedy before it begins?

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