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The Phantom Murder: One Day To Go

Mrs Murphy was a busybody, a gossip, and a blackmailer. She still is, but the number of living people who know this is limited to the very reluctantly psychic Lucas Rathbone. But, busybody, gossip, and blackmailer that she is, did she deserve to die for that? Somebody thought so, and really, Lucas is spoiled for choice when it comes to suspects. The trouble is, he can see their point. No one missed Mrs Murphy. In fact, life after her death has been so much more pleasant for everyone. So he's left wondering, should he even try to solve her murder? Perhaps it's better to let sleeping dogs lie? Is it always right to see justice done? And then, the wretched woman hoves into view again and starts calling him a Godless heathen, a wicked sinner who talks to the dead, and refusing to see the irony. But the thought of sending a friend and neighbour - or even worse, his own mother - to the gallows to get rid of this most troublesome of spirits is, well, unthinkable. However, his tentative investigations into Mrs Murphy's death haven't gone unnoticed, and with her killer still on the loose, ghosts could be the least of his problems... Just one day to go until The Phantom Murder goes live on the big river! I can't wait to share it with you, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 💞 Reading this after 7th July 2023? You can get your copy now!

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