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Spooktacular Stories Day 10

'Lucas?' said Clara. 'Are you feeling all right, dear?'⁠

Lucas pushed the pointy hat back onto the crown of his head. 'Perfectly,' he said. 'Why do you ask?'⁠

She looked him up and down, from the tip of his blue, wide-brimmed, conical hat, covered in a galaxy of silver spangles, to the floor-skimming hem of the matching robe. He pushed the cavernous sleeves to his elbows and pulled an apple off the tree. ⁠

'Er,' she said, not quite sure how to broach the subject. 'It's just...'⁠

'Yes?' he asked, taking a bite from the fruit. ⁠

‘You’re meant to be picking those, not eating them,’ she said sharply, before remembering what the main problem was. ‘Uh, is that really the best outfit for the job?’ she added.⁠

Lucas looked down at his shimmering garb. ‘I don’t see why not.’⁠

'But you're dressed as a wizard,' said Clara, deciding head-on was the best way to tackle this latest oddity. ⁠

'That I am,' said Lucas. He took another crunch out of the apple. 'I like it,' he said indistinctly. ⁠

'All right,' said Clara doubtfully. 'It's very, um, fetching.'⁠

'Isn't it?' he said happily, proudly displaying the embroidery. 'I made it myself.'⁠

'I knew I recognised the fabric,' exclaimed Clara. 'They're your mother's front room curtains.'⁠

'No they're not,' he said shiftily. 'They're my wizard robes.'⁠ 'But why?' pressed Clara. 'Why are you togged up as a wizard?'⁠

'Well,' he said, leaning against the apple tree. 'I thought with all the topsy turvyness going on this month, if I dressed like a wizard, maybe I'd get some magical powers.'⁠

'Dress for the job you want, kind of thing?'


'And how's that working out for you?'⁠

Lucas scrunched up his eyes in concentration. He held out a hand dramatically and wiggled his fingers.⁠

An apple dropped into the basket at his feet. ⁠

Clara looked up. ⁠

'Uh,' she said. 'Try that again.'⁠

He did.⁠

Another apple plonked onto the pile. ⁠

'That's amazing,' said Clara, wide-eyed. 'I'll be right back.'⁠

'Where are you going?' called Lucas as she sprinted back to the house.⁠

'To see if I can find another pair of curtains your mother won't miss.'⁠


Hmm, maybe I should get the sewing maching out too...? Saff x

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