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Topsy Turvy Challenge June 2020: Time Slip


‘That’s what it says here,’ said Clara, tapping the newspaper. ‘The Great Exhibition is on,’ she continued brightly, apparently unconcerned by suddenly being over 75 years in the past. ‘Let’s go.’

‘Let’s go?’ cried Lucas. ‘We can’t go anywhere dressed like this.’ He plucked at his suit, cut in a fashion three years out of date for 1928—which was the year he was pretty sure he should be in—but suspiciously ahead of its time for the middle of the previous century.

‘And we haven’t got any money,’ he added. ‘Not for 1851, anyway. ‘And how can you think of visiting a glorified market at a time like this, when we’re cast adrift in time?’

‘Lucas, darling,’ said Clara in an annoyingly soothing voice. ‘Saffron is sending us on some adventures where the usual rules don’t really apply. She gave him a disparaging look. ‘She did tell us. Have you forgotten?’

Lucas had forgotten, but he wasn’t about to admit it. ‘Well she might have sent us out with the right kit,’ he grumbled.

Clara sighed and folded the newspaper. ‘All right, let me see what I can do.’ She cleared her throat and looked upwards. ‘Uh, Saffron? Hi Saff, can you hear me?’

Hmm, what? Wait, you can’t do that!

‘But I just did,’ she said, rather smugly. ‘So, could you help us out please? I wouldn’t usually ask, but…’

She glanced at Lucas, who was pacing anxiously.

‘I don’t think Lucas is coping well,’ she finished in a whisper.

‘I heard that,’ he snapped.

Yes, I see your point. How about this?

Oh, I can’t breathe,’ gasped Clara, looking at the corseted pink satin frock now painfully cinching her waist in with the help of a dead whale or two. ‘They never wore this, surely?’

I think you’ll find they did.

‘This collar digs into my throat,’ whined Lucas, trying to loosen the heavily starched offending article. ‘I’ll slit an artery if I turn my head too quickly.’

You wanted to fit in. This is what they wore. Deal with it.

The complaining intensified.

Urgh, fine. Try this.

‘It’s a bit shabby,’ said Clara, looking critically at the faded flack dress she now wore. ‘But it’s much more comfortable, thank you,’ she added, just in case.

Smart one, that Clara.

‘Yes, this is much better,’ said Lucas, examining his collarless shirt and dark cotton trousers. ‘Cheers Saff, you’re a brick.’

I know, I’m a marvel. Check your pockets.

‘Aces,’ said Clara, pulling out a handful of copper coins. ‘We can go to the Exhibition now.’

‘Or we could do something else,’ suggested Luas hopefully.

‘Come along,’ said Clara, draggling Lucas towards the Crystal Palace. ‘We’re on an adventure.’


The adventure continues n a couple of days, so check back soon!

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