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Topsy Turvy Challenge June 2020: A Dinosaur Named Dale

‘Good grief,’ exclaimed Lucas, staring aghast at the, the thing Clara was leading along on a piece of string. ‘What is that?’

‘This is Dale,’ she replied, beaming happily. ‘My new dog. I found him in the woods this morning.’

Lucas looked at the thing again, and tried to reconcile the word “dog” to the beast in front of him.

It had four legs, a head, and a tail—a good start, all things considered—but there was far too much neck, its tail was longer than its body, and it had no ears.

Or fur.

In fact, it had scales.

And was... green.

‘Clara, my love,’ said Lucas, trying not to panic. ‘What kind of “dog” is that?’

‘He’s a mutt, obviously,’ she said, bobbing down to tickle Dale under the chin. He made a chirping, purring sort of noise. ‘But he’s still adorable, aren’t you, Daley? Ess oo are, oo’s a good boy, den?’

‘Do you remember the time we went to that park in London?’ asked Lucas. ‘You know, the one with the big statues?’

‘The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs?’ replied Clara, still fussing over her new pet. ‘Of course. What on earth made you think of that, darling?’

Lucas looked at the thing which was clearly a living, breathing relative of the creatures in the park.

It was rolling on the ground having its belly tickled, clearly loving every second.

‘Oh, no reason,’ said Lucas. ‘But I think I’ll talk to Saffron about getting you a proper—uh, another dog after all this topsy-turvy nonsense is over. Er, in case Dale can’t be in the books. Because, um, he can’t just appear out of nowhere. I hope—I mean, I think.’

‘Oh darling, will you?’ cried Clara. ‘I’ve been simply desperate for a dog for ever.’

‘I know,’ he said. ‘I just didn’t realise it was so bad,’ he added under his breath.

‘What was that?’

‘Nothing, dear. Does it bite?’

‘Of course he doesn’t!’

‘Is that right, Saff?’ asked Lucas, looking upwards because that’s where he thinks I am.

It’s rather endearing, really.

Uh, sure. Dale won’t bite. Promise. Cross my heart and all that. Okay?

‘Hmm,’ said Lucas, unconvinced.

Dale looked up at him pleadingly, tail wagging.

Clara gave Lucas the same look, but without the waggy tail.

‘Oh, all right then,’ sighed Lucas. ‘Let’s take the “dog” for a walk.’


I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of Dale :)

But, perhaps Clara had better get a real - uh, a proper, dog at some point in the series. Just in case...

More topsy turvy chaos on Monday! See you then x


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