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The Phantom Murder: Mr and Mrs Featherstone

A newspaper, old-fashioned glasses, and a bundle of hand written letters, plus the cover for The Phantom Murder by Saffron Amatti, with the release date of 7th July

Ever since he was a teen, Lucas Rathbone has bought his regular order of tobacco, barley twists, and The Times from Mr and Mrs Featherstone at the newsagents on the high street...

But how well does he *really* know them?

Because they're on his suspect list for the murder of Mrs Murphy, a vicious gossip with a knack for uncovering secrets and a penchant for blackmail.

Will he prove their innocence - or, will he discover the thing they hope no one else will ever learn?

More importantly, have they killed once... and will they kill again?

All will be revealed in The Phantom Murder, available to preorder now

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