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About Saffron Amatti

An image of Saffron Amatti wearing a trilby-style hat

Oh man, look at that. It's my face.

Well, as you saw the other day, I'm currently prepping for the launch of my new book, The Phantom Murder, which means you'll be seeing a lot from me over the next weeks - so I thought I'd take a moment to reintroduce myself 😁 So, hey! I'm Saffron Amatti, and I write the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries, a series of cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, set in 1920s England I live in a rather pretty village in Derbyshire, UK, where I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about murder and how to (nearly) get away with it. This is almost entirely in relation to my books, but I like to keep my family on their toes by throwing in some doubt occasionally 😉 I never planned on writing books - more on that in a minute - but caught the writing bug in my mid twenties after thinking up a ridiculous story I wanted to read but thought probably wouldn't exist, so figured I'd have to write it if I wanted to see what happened. I wrote that book... then nothing for two years until a psychic sleuth called Lucas kept nagging me to tell his story. Naturally, I ignored him for months - writing books is hard work, and I'd be the one doing it - but eventually, I caved. I haven't looked back since, but as I say, books were never on the plan. Because I *actually* went to uni to study Traditional and Contemporary Crafts - well, I think it was just called Crafts, but my version sounds more impressive. My overpriced, useless degree taught me how to do pottery, and metal casting, and fretwork (my favourite), and needle lace, and enamelling, and woodwork - including cutting down the tree - and felting and glass fusing and... eh, you get the idea. Fell out of love with that world towards the end of the course though, and haven't done much since, but it might be time to find my bench peg and fretsaw again, just for funsies. I am the proud owner of an Assassin's Guild of Ankh Morpork Diploma, (Discworld memorabilia, for the uninitiated) which is framed on my wall, unlike my real diploma which is... uh, somewhere, probably. Anyhoo, that's about as much talking about myself as I can stand for one day, and interesting things to tell you about myself anyway, so I'll wrap it up there.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for updates on The Phantom Murder, book 5 of the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries, which is coming soon 😁

Catch you later!

Love, Saff xx

P.S. Need to catch up with the series so far? Find the first four book on Amazon here

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