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Full Jacket Covers &
3d Book Covers

Instantly make your self published print book look more professional with a custom book cover that wraps the whole way around your book.

To help promote your print book, why not order a 3D book cover to use on your website and social media?

Full Jacket Covers

Available as an add-on to the Premade eBook Covers, a full jacket cover includes spine text and the blurb on the back of the book. If you have additional graphics, like an author profile photo or a barcode, these will also go on the back cover.

The spine has the book title, series number (if applicable) and author name,

The blurb traditionally goes on the back of a book.

I added a quote from a reviewer, but you could have an author bio or quote from the book instead

pb cover.jpg

The front of the cover is virtually identical to the eBook version

Here, I have left a space for a barcode and ISBN, as these are automatically added with the Kindle Print On Demand service I published this book with

How to order

Currently only available to order alongside Premade eBook Covers.

After placing your eBook + Full Jacket order, the eBook cover will be created as described on the Premade eBook Cover page. Once the eBook cover has been signed off by the client, they will be asked to send the following details for the full jacket version:

  • The formatted page size (e.g. 5" x 8")

  • The colour of paper used

  • The number of pages in the book

Which will enable me to work out the correct dimentions for your cover. In addition to this, you will also need to supply:

  • The blurb

  • Any quotes/author bio/images you want to use on the back cover

  • A bar code and/or ISBN, if you have them (if you don't, I'll leave these blank for them to be automatically added by the publishing software when you upload)

As with the eBook covers, up to three rounds of editing are included in the full jacket price HOWEVER, sometimes the guidelines on the publishing websites get the cover sizes slightly wrong. If this happens when you're uploading your cover then please email me with the dimentions it's saying the image should be and I will resize for free. It's usually only a fraction of a millimeter out, but it jiggers the uploading process.

Please note that free resizing is not applicable if you're uploading onto different publishing platforms with different cover dimentions, and that paperback and hardback covers are different sizes. If you need more than one size of full jacket cover for a book, please email for a custom quote.

3d book cover eg ig.png

For just $21/£15/€17 you can add a 3D book cover to your order to help promote your print book.

This will be supplied with a transparent background to make it easy for you to add to your website and/or your social media graphics.

If the thought of creating your own graphics brings you out in a cold sweat, take a peek at the graphics bundles I have on offer and see how I can help there too.

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