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My name is Saffron Amatti, and I write the Lucas Rathbone Mysteries, a series of murder mysteries set in 1920s England - with a paranormal twist.

There a currently two books in the series, with the third due for release Spring 2022, plus a Christmas special and a prequel novella

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Delicious But Deadly New with skull.png

There's something more deadly than 'flu going around...

The Problem With Dead People Cover Ebook v3.png

This time, Lucas's problem with dead people might get him killed.

Sins Of The Father v2.png

The sins of the father cast long shadows across the life of his son.

festively fatal NEW.jpg

Family secrets, betrayal, and scandal. But can Lucas prevent a second Christmas tragedy?

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Fuhererious raven cover with burn.png

A modern day hard-drinking, sweary, tatted-up Disney Princess of a rockstar from America with a time machine, a point to prove, and no sense of direction... or history.

A quaint English village in 1928 with a sheltered psychic, his less sheltered friends and family, and - perhaps not unsurprisingly - no baby Führers.

What could possibly go wrong?

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